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A year in the life of Bailey Bunster and his rabbit and human family, as told through his diaries...

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Bunster Diaries is a year in the life of Bailey Bunster and his rabbit and human family, as told through his diary.  Follow him on a journey through love, loss, honking, illicit peeing, herb rationing, creepy doctors, bad driving, bedroom bans, tail measuring... and much, much more.

What people are saying about it

"I was given this book for a birthday present and LOVE it! I would give it more stars if I could. This is a must read for anyone who has house rabbits. I adore Bunster and hope he keeps writing! It makes me laugh out loud literally."

"Was given this book for christmas and have read it three times already! Laughed again and again and shed a few tears too at the sad parts of the story. This diary draws you into life from the point of view of a house rabbit: Bailey keeps his sense of humour through all the ups and downs of a year with his new family and is a completely loveable character.
There are so many books out there on rabbit care, but very little that tells you what great characters and fascinating companions rabbits are. If you want to know what it's like to actually share your home and your life with a rabbit (or two!), I highly recommend you read this book.
My 12-year old daughter is now reading this and enjoying it as much as I did - Bailey, PLEASE keep writing you diary, we really hope there will be another one!"

"This is a wonderful story from an adorable house rabbit's perspective. Bailey Bunster is a delight from beginning to end!"

"This is a fantastic insight to Edinburgh rescue bunny Bailey Bunster. His diary will take you through a year of his life with laughter and tears. I am privileged to know Bailey and went through a lot of the year via facebook with him (he is a clever bunny after all). Read this and be enlightened. It is long enough to keep you entertained, and short enough that it never gets boring. It only took one night for me to read it was so good"

"Detailing the world from a house rabbit's perspective, the talented, handsome and very funny Bailey Bunster makes this book an essential read for any animal lover."

"Step deep inside the mind of Bunster, beloved house rabbit, possessed of a fine sense of irony and discerning wit. Bunster Diaries took me on a sensitively described journey of 21st century house-rabbitdom: from banana shortages to the sad loss of a dear friend, from the bunny etiquette of first dates to the finding of the elusive G (groom) spot.

Things I needed to learn and now know:

1) the exact weight of a mars bar and what fat a greedy rabbit can gain in a week
2) just exactly what rabbit waft is
3) how we can traumatise our pets with our nakedness

This book is a sure and certain must for rabbiteers, and a journey of discovery for those of us who were little innocents as to the joy a bobtailed bundle can bring."

"I have just finished reading this amazing book. It is funny, sad and just heart warming. For anyone who loves bunnies, especially 2 house rabbits like me this will make you smile. Please buy it is worth the money :-)"

"Meet The Bunster, a rabbit with an ego the size of the planet who is nevertheless totally endearing. How can that be? This is not some imaginary rabbit either - he's a real honking, snuggling, wickedly mischief-making bunny stud who lives with 'oldie' mum and 'the old man'. Plenty of sex (Bunster not author) of the 'properly nailing her to the floor' kind. And though he could achieve pretty much anything he chose to, he remains appealingly dependent on the supply of bananas and herbs from the oldies. I chortled my way right through it, periodically embarrassing myself by bursting into laughter whilst reading it in my favourite cafe. Bunster has a great philosophy of life, including an hour's snuggling for humans each day stopping wars dead in their tracks. Do not be deceived - this is not just a bit of silliness but a great approach to life. The Bunster's got it right in my view, the three most important things in life being food, love and chillaxing."

"This is a great read! It really portrays a day in the life of a house rabbit. Perfect for the bunny lover in your life!!"

"...Miss Daisy measured my tail today. Length, 2 inches. Girth, 1 inch. Disappointing. I cheered myself up by measuring Miss Daisy's dewlap..."

Bunster Diaries is a total delight from beginning to end. Written from Bunster's unique and comical prospective. the reader gets a glimpse of what it must be like to love and be loved by a house rabbit.

Anyone who loves animals, especially rabbits, will treasure and enjoy this book immensely. Thanks to Bunster Bunny for the excellent read. Well done!"


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How much does it cost and who benefits?

The book is priced at £5.99 / $10.08 for paperback and £3.99 / $6.40 for ebook.  It helps support the running and development costs of Bunnyhugga (a non-profit) and we get a higher percentage if the book is bought direct from the publisher - check out a preview here

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New for 2014!  Bunster Diaries is now available in Italian in paperback and ebook from Lulu.com.  Translation by Valeria 'Talia' Aspri.  Also available from Amazon and the iBookstore

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