Boyle's Pet Housing - UK rabbit hutches with a difference

Based in Manchester, Boyle's Pet Housing manufactures quality rabbit hutches, runs and enclosures, both outdoor and indoor, tunnels, boxes and bespoke products...

The Best of #FlickaFriday 2013

#FlickaFriday is a weekly photo on Facebook, where Flicka shares her thoughts on very important matters such as house rabbits, hutches and having a friend to talk to, as well as slightly less important matters such as banana supplies...

Personalised artwork in aid of rabbits in need

The artist Kelly Anderson produces beautiful personalised artwork, all proceeds going towards rabbits in need at her rescue, The Anderson Shelter

Petition the UK government to introduce a Code of Practice for rabbits

Two organisations, Camp Nibble and Rabbits Require Rights (Scotland), are petitioning the UK and Scottish governments to introduce a Code of Practice for the welfare of domestic rabbits - sign the petitions here

Rabbit Awareness Week 4 - 12 May 2013

Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) is an annual event where rabbit experts such as vets, pet retailers, welfare charities and manufacturers work together during a dedicated week to educate the pet owning public about proper rabbit care and welfare...

Popcorn Prints expands into bunny design

Popcorn Prints began life in November 2011 with guinea pig design T-shirts, has since expanded into rabbit and hamster designs, and does great welfare work for our small furry friends...

Beware of the Easter Bunny!

Make Mine Chocolate! has been running in the UK since 2008 and exists for the purpose of raising awareness of rabbit welfare needs in the UK, with specific focus around the Easter rabbit impulse purchase issue

Happy Hoppers campaign against small hutches

Happy Hoppers is campaigning against small hutches being sold at The Range - support the campaign here

The buzz on Bunster Diaries

Bunster Diaries is a mix of fiction, reality and humour and tells the story of a year in the life of Bailey Bunster, a chubby house rabbit with an ego to match...

Share the love this Valentine's Day

Share the love this Valentine's Day and help animals in need by buying your cards and gifts from the RSPCA