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Links to other rabbit websites and resources recommended by Bunnyhugga

  • Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund

    RWAF is the UK's largest and oldest rabbit welfare charity, dedicated to improving the lives of domestic rabbits. Become a member and receive quarterly issues of 'Rabbiting On' magazine, advice and support

  • The House Rabbit Society

    Based in the USA, the House Rabbit Society is an international nonprofit organisation rescuing rabbits from animal shelters and educating the public on rabbit care and behaviour - the definitive guide to all things 'rabbit'

  • SaveABunny

    SaveABunny is an award-winning, 501(c)(3) nonprofit, volunteer-oriented animal rescue organization based in Mill Valley, California near San Francisco

  • Rabbit Rehome

    Search for a rabbit to adopt or find your local rescue centre (UK)

  • Save a Fluff

    A place for rabbit rescues to unite online and list their adoptable rabbits, plus some great info and photos on rabbit care (UK)

  • Online Adoption Listings

    Provided by the House Rabbit Society, this is a list of HRS chapters with adoptable rabbits (USA)


    Find your local animal rescue centre (England and Wales)


    Find your local animal rescue centre (Scotland)

  • Happy Hoppers Forum

    A UK based non-profit organisation running a free rabbit forum

  • Rabbit Awareness Week

    Annual event run by Burgess to support rabbit welfare awareness, supported by the RWAF, RSPCA, PDSA and more

  • MediRabbit

    This non-commercial site aims at spreading current knowledge: description of diseases, its clinical signs, its diagnosis and proper and safe treatment, surgical procedure, radiographs with explanations, differentials

  • The Language of Lagomorphs

    An informative and fun site about what your rabbit is saying and how to speak back

  • Bunnies in Baskets

    Bringing rabbits and people together in the most wonderful way, Bunnies in Baskets provides training and support for visiting therapy rabbits (and their human partners!) and humane education for children, organisation and community events

  • Bunny World Foundation

    Non-profit 501(c)3 animal welfare organization based in Los Angeles dedicated to combating animal cruelty and illegal animal sales

  • Make Mine Chocolate (USA)

    Started in 2002, Make Mine Chocolate is a campaign to educate the public on the realities of living with a rabbit, and to discourage giving live rabbits as Easter gifts

  • Make Mine Chocolate (UK)

    Make Mine Chocolate! has been running in the UK since 2008 and exists for the purpose of raising awareness of rabbit welfare needs in the UK, with specific focus around the Easter rabbit impulse purchase issue

  • Disapproving Rabbits

    A gallery of photos and funny captions of rabbits doing what they do best - disapproving of us!

  • Leith Petwerks

    THE online bunny shop, Leith Petwerks has just about everything you and your rabbits could ever want (USA)

  • The Hay Experts

    Natural products for rabbits and other small animals, hay, toys, treats and more (UK)

  • Hutch Retailer Charter

    A list of hutch retailers who have signed up to the RWAF's minimum hutch size campaign (UK)

  • Best Rabbit Sites

    Listing the best rabbit sites on the Web

  • Bunnyhugga Blog

    The Bunnyhugga Blog is written by the author Hannah Davis and gives a personal view of life with her two house rabbits, Bailey and Flicka

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