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A bit of info on the Bunnyhugga author Hannah E Davis

Hello!Bunnyhugga author pic

I hope you're enjoying reading the website and hopefully finding some useful information.
I created Bunnyhugga as a simple but comprehensive guide to rabbits with lots of fun stuff thrown in.  As you might guess, I'm a big fan of rabbits and believe they have a lot to offer as pets; I like to think that Bunnyhugga is spreading a bit of good PR for them.
I'm in my mid-thirties, living in Edinburgh, UK and run a web business with my husband.  Most likely you have already met our two house rabbits, Bailey and Flicka, as they are far more outgoing than me and yes, probably a lot more interesting too.  Read my blog for more stuff about our life with bunnies.
I write, draw, design and build websites.  The bits I like best that I've done for Bunnyhugga are A House Rabbit's Guide to Training Humans and my Rabbit Sarcasm cartoons.  Recently I self published my first book, Bunster Diaries, which is a comedic take on life from a house rabbit's point of view.
I am a member of The House Rabbit Society and The Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund and fully support the work they are doing to improve rabbit welfare.  Rabbits still have a long way to go but much has changed in the last 10 years or so, mostly thanks to these two organisations.
I'm always happy to 'talk bunny' so if you've got a question, some info for the website, or just want to say hi, please feel free to send me a message.
And finally, I wrote this a while ago in an effort to explain just what it is about rabbits that I find so engaging.  If you already know and love bunnies, I hope it will make you smile.  If not, maybe it will inspire you to take a closer look...

Who am I?

I am... a survivor

I can endure terrible suffering and abuse in stoic silence.  I can be rescued and love as whole heartedly as if it never happened

I am... independent

I want to do things my way, on my own timetable.  I have pride and dignity

I am... a friend

I like to be with you, listen to your voice, follow you around, watch you.  You are important to me and I know when you're hurting

I am... full of life

I love to eat, I love to run, jump and explore and I love to sleep.  Whatever I'm doing, I do it 100%

I am... an individual

You may have known a hundred like me but you don't know me.  I will teach you something new, guaranteed

I am... a trickster

Your precious possessions hold no taboo for me, I will get them if I want them.  Outwit me if you can

I am... social

I want another like me to play with, to love, to share life with.  I want to speak my own language each and every day


Author - H E Davis.  First published November 2011 on Bunnyhugga Facebook

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