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Bailey's hot young assistant, Flicka - going viral on a screen near you soon

Vital statsFlicka image

Weight: 3.3kg
Age: 2(ish)
Appearance: Hot gingery groovy Dutchie girl


  • Adopted Jan 2012 from SSPCA
  • Seduced by Bailey Bunster
  • Binkied like its 1999
  • Put Flick Bites on every bit of furniture
  • Started collecting hay tunnels (9 and counting)
  • Currently living happily loved up with The Bunster

Motto for life

Leave no corner unexplored

Favourite quote

Make hay, not war

Coolest nickame

Flicktoria (Pendleton)

Most embarrassing nickname


Current projects

Modelling for Flicka Friday, a weekly photo on Facebook and Twitter

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