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#FlickaFriday is a weekly photo on Facebook, where Flicka shares her thoughts on very important matters such as house rabbits, hutches and having a friend to talk to, as well as slightly less important matters such as banana supplies...

A big thank you to everyone who likes and shares Flicka's weekly photos on Facebook - this is her Top 10 of 2013 (in reverse order)...



House rabbit begging for watercress
One of Flicka's (many) guilty pleasures i.e. scoring a bit of sneaky grub in the kitchen - who can blame her?  And who could resist that face?  I plead... guilty as charged...



 The real cost of keeping a rabbit
 A bit of realism here - it still shocks me when I mentally add up what bunnies cost...



House rabbit waiting for dinner
She's keeping her dream alive of starring in a David Attenborough documentary...



 House rabbit in a double bed


Of course, when she's sleeping (during the day) we are expected to creep around like mice... go figure...



House rabbit looking around a coffee table


The house rabbit's motto: Deny everything, even when caught 'red toothed'...



Two house rabbits and a bowl of Readigrass
Rage against the machine (that's us, by the way) and forage free, bunnies...



Bonded house rabbits lazing in the sun
A true friend doesn't mind being used as a leaning post... lucky (lazy) Bailey...



Flicka asking why rabbits should live in a hutch
Flicka believes hutches and cages are prisons and I must admit I agree with her...



Flicka answering an important question
Clearly, she's never read 'The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy' - or possibly she has, and still thinks she's right...



Flicka asking a very important question
A deserving winner, this one takes top spot for the amazing number of shares it received (over 1,0000!)  and seriously... how do people live without rabbits...?

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