• House rabbits
    House background

    Happy houses have...

    ...house rabbits!

    Hop in to the wonderful world
    of free roaming house rabbits
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  • RSPCA campaign
    Hugga Glow
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    What do rabbits eat?

    'Hay Fever', part of the RSPCA rabbit welfare campaign

    Hay, grass, hay, hay, grass and more hay!

    Rabbits should be fed mostly on hay to keep them fit and healthy

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Bunnyhugga is a rabbit information resource for new and experienced owners alike, featuring a simple guide to rabbits, an A to Z rabbit library inc. health, housing, diet, breeds, behaviour and house rabbits, the latest news from the rabbit world, funny bunny articles and photos... and much more.

Rabbits - are they the right pet for you?  At first glance, rabbits may seem like easy pets but dig deeper and you'll find a different story.  Domestic rabbits are very similar psychologically to their wild cousins and need a large living space, a bolt hole or 'burrow' to retreat to, and constant companionship from you and/or another rabbit.  They need to be neutered, vaccinated and wormed to prevent the most common health problems and require a specific, high fibre diet.Bunny Wiki
Given the right living conditions, rabbits are wonderful, rewarding pets who can live for 10 years or more.  Check out the secret to a happy rabbit, our simple guide to rabbits or the key facts about rabbits to help you decide whether a rabbit is right for you.