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Two organisations, Camp Nibble and Rabbits Require Rights (Scotland), are petitioning the UK and Scottish governments to introduce a Code of Practice for the welfare of domestic rabbits - sign the petitions here

Did you know that approximately 1.6 million rabbits are kept as pets in the UK, making them the third most popular pet after cats and dogs?  And did you know that, unlike dogs and cats, no Code of Practice currently exists to protect their welfare?  Two organisations are working hard to change this and they need our support!

Why do we need a Code of Practice for domestic rabbits?

Camp Nibble poster about rabbit welfareAs well as being the third most popular pet, rabbits are also the most misunderstood and mistreated.  This is due in large part to a general public ignorance dating back to war years when rabbits were commonly kept in small hutches on a high protein concentrate diet for short periods while being fattened up for the pot.  Sadly, this way of keeping rabbits has persisted and for a pet rabbit who may live to be 12 years old or more, this is a truly miserable life filled with physical suffering and loneliness.
In November 2009, Wales led the way and introduced a Code of Practice for the Welfare of Rabbits which sets out the requirements for proper domestic rabbit care in terms of accommodation, exercise, companionship, diet, healthcare and expression of natural behaviour.  Now we need the rest of the UK to follow their example.
Camp Nibble, a rabbit rescue charity near Leeds, has set up an online petition which needs to gain 100,000 signatures from UK residents in 1 year to have a chance of being debated in the House of Commons.  Please take a moment to sign this important petition and help improve the lives of pet rabbits across the UK.
Please click here to sign the Camp Nibble petition
Rabbits Require Rights imageRabbits Require Rights (Scotland) is also petitioning the Scottish Parliament to introduce a Code of Practice and is already in talks with SMPs regarding this, which is a very positive step forward.  To show your support to the Scottish Parliament for this campaign, please sign their petition.  This petition is open to non-UK residents also.
Please click here to sign the Rabbits Require Rights petition


Thank you for your support and here's to a brighter future for the UK's pet rabbits!

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