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The British Giant rabbit breed is derived from the Flemish Giant rabbit and arose as a seperate breed in the UK in the 1940s. They have good temperaments and are excellent with children and other pets.

Size: Giant

Hair Type: Medium


The British Giant arose as a seperate breed in the United Kingdom in the 1940s and was bred from Flemish Giant stock of varying colours from the United States. The Flemish Giant breed standard in Britian is only recognised in steel grey colouring and may be somewhat smaller than the european Flemish Giant. Thus the British Giant was bred for a greater variety in colouring and although smaller than continental Flemish rabbits, retain broadly the same characteristics. The British Giant is virtually unkown outside the United Kingdom.


British Giants weigh around 5.5-7kg (12-15lbs)

The British Giant has a substantial build, with a long body, broad straight back, rounded haunches and powerful legs. The head is wide with full cheeks and large erect ears.

British Giants have smooth, medium length hair.


White, Black, Blue, Grey, Steel grey, Opal.


British Giants have the same calm, friendly temperament as the Flemish Giant. They are docile rabbits, not as active as many smaller breeds, preferring to laze around rather then run and jump much of the time. British Giants are generally very good-natured, excellent with children and other pets, and rarely aggressive.

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