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Breed profile of the The English Lop, the oldest of the lop-eared rabbit breeds. Placid and friendly in temperament, they are large rabbits with very long ears.

Size: Large

Hair Type: Short


The English Lop is the oldest of the lop-eared breeds and has been bred in Britain since the 18th century. Almost all other lop-eared breeds are derived from the English Lop which has been selectively bred to increase the length of its enormous ears.


The English Lop is a large rabbit, weighing around 4-5kg (9-11lbs).

The English Lop has a medium build, with a mandolin shaped body. The back slopes upwards from short front legs to high, rounded hindquarters. The broad head has an arched profile and is carried low. The most distinctive feature of the English Lop are its ears which are longer and wider than any other breed. The ears face forwards and are broadest in the middle with rounded ends. The ear span is measured from tip to tip and measures around 60-70cm long.

English Lops may be solid-coloured or have white patches on the head, chest and legs.

English Lops have short, soft hair and a smooth, shiny coat.


Fawn, Sooty-fawn, Black, Blue, Broken


English Lops are placid and friendly rabbits. They are rarely kept as pets because of the additional care needed for their unusual ears.

Special Requirements

English Lops are prone to ear injuries and infections, they need spacious accomodation and regular nail-trimming to prevent damage to the ears from their claws.

English Lops are vulnerable to cold temperatures as they lose more body heat through their large ears.

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