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The Palomino originated in the USA in the 1950s and is easily recognisable for its distinctive fawny orange colour. Hardy and strong, this docile breed is popular as both a show rabbit and a pet.

Size: Large

Hair Type: Medium


The Palomino rabbit breed was developed in Washington State, USA, by Mark and Mabel Youngs during the 1940s and 50s.  Unfortunately, records of the rabbit breeds used to develop the Palomino were not kept but the Youngs would purchase meat rabbits from locals for breeding.  When light-coloured yellow/brown rabbits or "tawnies" where produced in a litter these would be bred together and other breeds were incorporated also in what Mr Youngs called "color-blen breeding", eventually producing the fawn or golden colour we see today.  The breed was first presented in 1952 at the ARBA convention under the name "Washingtonian" but with a suggestion box for a better name; Palomino was chosen and the breed was presented again under this name in 1953.  The Palomino breed was officially recognised by the ARBA in 1957 and has been exported to Europe although it is not yet recognised by the BRC.


The Palomino is a large breed of rabbit typically weighing 4 - 4.5kg (9 - 10lbs).  The body is of medium length with firm flesh and well rounded hindquarters.  The ears are large and upright and the eyes are brown.  The most common colour, Golden, is an orangey-beige colour over a cream or white undercoat while the Lynx variety has a silver or gray surface colour blending to an orangey-beige intermediate over the white or cream undercoat.  The coat is coarse and full.


Golden, Lynx.


Palominos are docile rabbits well suited as pets and are particularly good with children.

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