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There are many reasons why an owner may be forced to rehome their rabbit. You may be moving abroad or have a change in financial circumstances...

There are many reasons why an owner may be forced to rehome their rabbit.  For example, you may be moving abroad or have a change in financial circumstances and have no option but to give up your rabbit.

It is also a sad fact of life that many rabbit owners are simply unprepared for the costs and care involved due to the lack of information readily available when they purchase a rabbit.  The prevailing opinion that rabbit's are cheap, easy to care for pets misleads many people and unfortunately the rabbit is one who suffers in this situation.

Friends or family

The best option is always to try and find a responsible friend or family member who would be willing to take on the rabbit.  This way you can still visit the rabbit, check on their wellbeing and retain some contact with a well loved pet.  However, it is important to be honest about what they are taking on so that your friend or family member fully understands the cost and care involved.

Private rescue centres

If the above fails, you can contact your local rabbit rescue centres and see if any of them would be willing to take the rabbit.  You may have to pay a fee to partly cover the costs they will incur in keeping the rabbit and finding a new home for it - this can take months or even years.  These centres are largely financed by the owner of the shelter, who is running it purely out of a love and concern for rabbits.  Any donation you can make will be very much appreciated.


As a last resort, you can take your rabbit to your local RSPCA or SSPCA rescue centre.  These are generally inundated with animals of all kinds and your rabbit probably stands a lower chance of being adopted here than in a private rescue centre.  However, they will do their very best to find a new home for your rabbit.


Adverts in local papers and websites for rabbits for sale are very common.  Sadly, many respondents will only be interested in your rabbit as a source of free meat, for themselves or their pets.  Meet any applicants yourself and ensure they understand what is involved in caring for a rabbit.  As this is a very risky way to find a new home for your rabbit, it is advisable to exchange phone numbers and addresses and ask if you can visit the rabbit in a few months to check it is OK.

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