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The key characteristics of rabbits and why they make loving and entertaining pets...

Rabbits are the third most popular pet in the UK and the USA after cats and dogs and it's easy to see why.  They are generally good natured, non-aggressive, very cute to look at and cuddle and entertaining to watch.

Rabbits are... Loving

Rabbits are gregarious, just like us, and love the company of their own kind.  They have a complex social hierarchy and a group of rabbits has a strict pecking order.  They live best in male / female pairs, like married couples.  Bonded rabbits will groom each other, copy each other's behaviour (bad habits as well as good!) and spend long hours cuddled up together sleeping.  They feel grief and will mourn the loss of a partner.

A rabbit without a companion will look for affection in humans and other animals but even two bonded rabbits will show deep love for their human owners.

Rabbits are... Easygoing

One of the more endearing rabbit characteristics is their ability to cope with pain and fear without a sign of complaint.  Of course, this makes it difficult for us when working out why a rabbit is sick, but a rabbit in pain will rarely take it out on its owner.  Historically, rabbits have been a popular children's pet in the mistaken belief that they enjoy being picked up, carried around and cuddled; however, just because they don't complain doesn't mean they are enjoying it.  This stoical acceptance is a rabbit trait that we should treasure, not abuse.

Rabbits are... Entertaining

Rabbits love to play and burn off excess energy by running around very fast, jumping in the air and twisting their body around in some incredible aerobics.  They are also curious, mischevious and determined - try blocking access to an area your rabbit thinks it should have access to and see how long it takes it to find a way in!

Rabbits are wonderful pets and can greatly enrich your life.  The more you invest in your relationship with a rabbit, spending time with it and really getting to know it, the more you get out.

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