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All you need to know about the Bunnyhugga Rabbit Map

What is the Bunnyhugga Rabbit Map?

    An international directory of rabbit resources. This is the beta (first public roll-out) version and further categories may be added in the future.

What’s the idea?

    To collect the wealth of knowledge in the online rabbit community and make it available in one place for the benefit of all.

How much does it cost?

    Listings are free for charities and their online stores, non-profits, welfare organisations, vets, private boarding/rabbit homecare businesses, rabbit rescues and local feed / hay / bedding suppliers, greengrocers etc. Pet stores that sell animals are not permitted. We reserve the right to request a subscription charge for large profit making businesses.

Who can create a listing?

    Anyone. All submissions will be checked and published by a Bunnyhugga editor and we may contact the entity in question to verify the information provided.

How do I create a listing?

    Complete the submission form here. You need to be logged in, either via Facebook or by registering with us. Your personal details will not be published and we will not pass them on to any third parties. We may use them to contact you regarding your submission or in the future with updates we think may be of interest to you.

Can I add my own recommendation to an existing listing?

    Yes. You can comment on the profile page for the listing without logging in or registering with us. These comments are moderated and any offensive language, spam or referral links will not be published.

Someone has already created a listing for my entity – can I amend it or add further information?

    Yes. Please email us with the information and we will modify your listing.

Can I rely on the information?

    The map is essentially a reviews facility and is self-policing i.e. it relies on the local rabbit community for your area approving or disapproving listings. It is not an exhaustive list and entities not listed are not necessarily ineligible for listing.

Can I get a listing removed?

    If you see a listing which you disagree with, please go to their profile page and use the Report facility.

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