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Happy Hoppers is campaigning against small hutches being sold at The Range - support the campaign here

Happy Hoppers is a non-profit organisation working to improve the quality of life and care of pet rabbits in the UK.  This recent statement is taken from their Facebook page:
"One of our members visited The Range today and was horrified at the size of the Hutch Sizes for sale in their Easter Promotion.  We will be emailing The Range to ask them to reconsider selling these very small hutches and would welcome support from the like minded bunny/animal welfare community."
Bunnyhugga fully supports this campaign and have voiced our concerns direct to The Range.  We encourage all hutch retailers to sign up to the Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund's 'A Hutch is Not Enough' Retailer Charter.
Lend your support by emailing The Range, posting on their Facebook page and sharing amongst your friends.  Together we can make a difference... thank you for your support.
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