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Bunster Diaries is a mix of fiction, reality and humour and tells the story of a year in the life of Bailey Bunster, a chubby house rabbit with an ego to match...

We are very happy to announce that Bunster Diaries is set to be translated into both Italian and German, thanks to the very generous offers of two readers.  We are delighted by this and hope that it will open the book up to an even wider audience.
The author has this to say: "My first foray into creative writing has been nerve wracking but rewarding... for me, the greatest compliment is when readers want to pass it on to their friends and family who are 'non rabbit' people.  I hope the book conveys a small amount of the humour and companionship of life with house rabbits".
The book is best described as a mix of fiction, reality and humour.  It is the story of a year in the life of Bailey Bunster, a slightly chubby house rabbit with a rather large ego, as told through his secret diary.  Sweet, funny and heart warming, you will read it with a smile on your face and it may even at times cause you to laugh out loud.  Bailey's gripes, obsessions and sources of mirth will strike an immediate chord with house rabbit owners but even if you don't know the first thing about rabbits, it's worth a read.  It was written to make you giggle... and giggle you will.
Bunster Diaries is self published through Lulu and is also available on the iBookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Coming soon in Kindle.

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