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Breed profile of the Californian rabbit, very similar in look to the Himalayan but larger, the Californian was developed as a meat and fur breed in the 1920s. Californians are popular pets due to their calm, friendly nature


Similar in look to the Himalayan breed but larger, the Californian was first bred in the USA in the early 1920s by George West, who crossed Himalayans with New Zealand Whites and Standard Chinchillas to produce a breed that would produce both good meat and fur.  The Californian did not become popular as a pet until much later and sadly is still the second most common meat producing breed.  It was recognised by the ARBA in 1939 and in the USA only the black and white variety is accepted for showing.  In the UK, other colour variations of blue, chocolate and lilac are accepted.


The Californian is a fairly large rabbit, usually weighing around 3.5-4.75kg (7-10lbs).

Californians are bulky in build with firm, plump bodies and a very short neck.  The ears are fairly short and tapered and are carried erect.  Californians have pink eyes.

The Californian colouring is white with coloured ears, nose, legs and tail.  The oval nose marking runs beneath the jaw and well up the profile of the nose towards the eyes. The ears are coloured from the base to tip, as is the tail. The feet, including the nails are dark and the colouring runs well up the legs.

The Californian has a dense, fine coat.


Black, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac.


Californians are usually calm, good-natured and friendly making them an excellent choice of pet, especially for those with children.

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