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Minor cuts and wounds on rabbits are usually inflicted by another rabbit or possibly a guineapig.  They may also be caused by collision with an object such as a nail that is sticking out of the hutch.  Keep a close eye on any cuts as there is a risk they may become infected and lead to the formation of an abscess.

Obviously, any wounds inflicted by a predator such as a cat or dog are likely to be much more serious and will need immediate veterinary attention.  If your rabbit is bleeding, apply pressure to the wound with a clean towel and take it to the vet straight away.


While some cuts and wounds may be obvious, others may be hidden under the hair. It is important to check your rabbit daily and look out for patches of wet looking or crusty hair.

Prevention / Treatment

Minor cuts and wounds should be washed thoroughly with a cotton wool ball soaked in warm water.  A dilution of an iodine-based antiseptic can be added to the water if  required.  Any wounds that are deeper than skin level should be seen by a vet.  Always separate rabbits at the first sign of fighting and ensure their living quarters have no sharp objects in them.