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An abscess is a pocket of fluid and pus caused by bacterial infection.  Abscesses are relatively common in domestic rabbits and can be located anywhere on the rabbit's body.

Abscesses may be caused by a bite, cut or other wound or occur in the mouth as a result of dental disease.  They may also be caused by a foreign body such as a grass seed or wood splinter becoming embedded in the rabbit's skin or mouth.


Mouth abscesses
- rabbit eating less or not at all, drooling or dropping bits of food

Skin abscesses
- a hard lump located on the rabbit's body

Prevention / Treatment

Abscesses first need to be drained of the pus and fluid inside them.  This is usually done under general anaesthetic.  The area must be kept clean and will sometimes need to be kept open to allow the abscess to drain fully.  Antibiotics are usually given to reduce infection.

Abscesses can be difficult to treat and can be painful for the rabbit so painkillers are often prescribed.  A stay in hospital is usually necessary.



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