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"Sticky bottom" syndrome occurs when the fur around the rabbit's bottom becomes caked with soft droppings (caecotrophs) that the rabbit would usually take direct from its bottom and eat.  It is therefore generally caused by an incorrect diet.  A diet that is too high in protein and too low in fibre results in the rabbit producing an excess of soft droppings.

The problem is also seen in overweight rabbits who find it difficult to reach their bottoms and in rabbits with teeth problems which are affecting their eating pattern.

Sticky bottom leaves rabbits at a higher risk of flystrike, a potentially fatal disease where flies lay eggs in the caked fur around the rabbit's bottom.


- rabbit has soft or caked on droppings stuck to the hair around its bottom, tail and back legs

Prevention / Treatment

As the main cause of sticky bottom is incorrect diet, the problem can be treated by reducing the amount of dry food and fresh vegetables/fruit given to the rabbit and encouraging them to eat more hay.

It may be necessary to bathe the rabbit's bottom in warm, soapy water daily until the underlying cause has been resolved.



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