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If you have a house rabbit, certain actions need to be taken to ensure the safety of the rabbit, much like child proofing...

If you have a house rabbit, certain actions need to be taken to ensure the safety of the rabbit, much like child proofing.


Rabbits love to chew cables, perhaps because they resemble tree roots which would need digging out of burrows in the wild.  Rabbits' teeth are extremely sharp and they can cut through even thick cables in seconds.  The risk of electrocution to the rabbit is obvious, however, there is also a risk of them starting an electrical fire in your home so it is essential that you protect all cables which the rabbit has access to.

Rabbits can fit into very small spaces so cables behind sofas or TVs must be protected too.

You can buy cable protector (plastic tubing) from any hardware store and this will greatly discourage your rabbit, however, be aware that they can also nibble through this if they are persistent enough so the best thing is to move the cables completely out of their reach.


It's no secret that rabbits love to eat and given the opportunity will probably take a bite out of your houseplants.  Apart from the damage to the plant, some may be poisonous to rabbits so move any plants out of their reach or, if they are very large and can't be moved, wrap some chicken wire around the pot, high enough that they can't stretch up over it.

Remember that rabbits can jump surprisingly high and get into the most unlikely of places.


If you have self closing doors, ensure they are securely wedged open or be careful when going through them that you don't trap your rabbit in the door.  A confident house rabbit may follow closely on your heels or be sitting waiting for you on the other side of the door when you open it.

General Precautions

Living with a house rabbit can be compared to living with a toddler.  You quickly learn not to leave a plate on the edge of a table, to place objects out of reach, to watch where you are walking and to keep noise to a minimum!  You will find yourself doing an eye sweep of the room before going to bed, checking for anything that may harm your rabbit.  Rabbits cannot help their natural curiosity; it is simply our responsibility as their "parents" to keep them safe.

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