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Constipation occurs when there are hard faeces which are difficult for the rabbit to expel.  There is a much higher risk of constipation when a rabbit is moulting; as they groom they ingest hair which passes into their intestinal tract and sometimes forms blockages so brush moulting rabbits frequently to remove hair.  Constipation can generally be prevented by feeding the correct diet of 80% hay as the high fibre content keeps the digestive tract running smoothly.


- rabbit not eating
- much fewer or no droppings being produced
- rabbit sitting hunched up
- swollen stomach

Prevention / Treatment

Rabbits with constipation should be seen by a vet without delay.

Very small doses of olive oil given orally may help with mild constipation.

Remove the rabbit's dry food, feed more hay and fresh vegetables and ensure it has plenty of fresh water.

Encourage the rabbit to exercise.