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The field of rabbit medicine has grown considerably in recent years and finding an experienced rabbit vet may mean the difference between life and death...

Although rabbits have been around as pets for a long time, the field of rabbit medicine has grown considerably in recent years.  There are many more drugs and treatments available and for this reason it is important to find an experienced rabbit vet.  It may mean the difference between life and death for your rabbit.

The best option is to have a vet recommended to you by a friend but if this is not possible you should choose a small animal practice, preferably with onsite hospital facilities.

Ask them what their policy is on neutering/spaying - they should be in favour of it and see it as a routine operation.

Ask what their views are on diet - they should recommend a hay based diet with small amounts of dry food and vegetables.

Ask them what drugs they have available for rabbits - there are currently very few drugs licenced for rabbits but cat and dog medicines can be used.

Ask them what their post operative care is like - where your rabbit will be housed, how often it will be checked on.

Take your rabbit to your new vet as soon as possible for a thorough healthcheck, to get it vaccinated against VHD and myxomatosis and to discuss neutering/spaying.

The Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund in the UK and the House Rabbit Society in the USA provide a list of "rabbit-savvy" vets for their members; please see links below.

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