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To keep a rabbit free range in a shed or outbuilding it is vital to make the shed or outbuilding completely safe and predator proof...

If you have the space, you could keep your rabbit in a shed or outbuilding.

In a hutch

Many people move their rabbit's hutch into a shed for the winter for added protection against the weather.  The shed should have a window to let in natural daylight and should not contain any strong smelling chemicals or paint that may affect the rabbit.

Free range

This is a good option for the rabbit as it can exercise as much as it wants, however, it is vital to make the shed or outbuilding completely safe and predator proof.

To keep your rabbit loose in a shed or outbuilding, it must have the following:-

- natural daylight through a window covered with glass or secure, fine wire mesh

- a strong door which you can lock to keep out predators

- a secure, watertight roof

- no holes, nooks or crannies that the rabbit could enlarge and escape through

- no painted or chemically treated surfaces that the rabbit could nibble on

- no sharp objects or nails that the rabbit could injure itself on

Rather than put down bedding throughout the shed, provide your rabbit with a litter tray in the corner it habitually uses as a toilet.

You will need to provide a sleeping area for your rabbit, such as a wooden or cardboard box.  Fill this with hay or a blanket to provide warmth.

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