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A list of equipment and supplies you will need to buy before getting a rabbit...

This is a checklist of things you will need to buy before getting a rabbit.  It is important to set everything up at your home before going to pick up your new rabbit so that you can put it straight in its new home and let it settle in.

All rabbits

Hay - you might want to get two types - a cheaper hay for bedding and higher quality hay or dried grass for eating

Dry food - nuggets e.g. Burgess Excel rather than a muesli / mix to prevent selective feeding

Bedding - Paper pulp e.g. Carefresh or wood pellets are best.  Wood shavings can cause liver disease and respiratory problems.

Water bottle or bowl and food bowl

Indoor rabbits

Cage - a dog crate is often the biggest and cheapest option and is better looking than indoor rabbit cages

Litter tray - a cat litter tray with lidded sides is a good size for rabbits and prevents litter being dug out

Outdoor rabbits

Hutch - minimum size of 6ft x 2ft x 2ft for one medium sized rabbit.  Solid wood and waterproof, ideally on legs i.e. off the ground

Hutch snuggle - to keep your rabbit warm during the winter

Exercise run - the bigger, the better but minimum of 8ft x 4ft x 2ft.  Playpens with no lid can be used if the rabbit is supervised

Accessories / desirables

  • pet carrier
  • hay rack
  • hide box or tunnel
  • natural wood toys or nibble sticks
  • nail trimmers
  • grooming brush

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