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Information from Bunnyhugga readers on calcium problems in their own rabbits, the symptoms, causes and treatment...


Quigley Wiggley Super Bunny, 7.5 yo, gray/white dutch bunny, about 4 lbs (1.8 kg), general health is good, he was turned over to the local Animal Shelter when he was 1 yo.

Medical condition:

Quigley was drinking tons of water.  He was my 4th bun and he drank way more than any other one.  He constantly drank water.  He peed a lot.  Ended up that it was a combo of too much calcium and, apparently, he's just naturally thirsty.


Vet tested him to find out about calcium.  She had us change feed to Oxbow Basic T pellets (based on timothy hay instead of alfalfa).  That helped a bit.

Personal experience:

Changed the pellets.  And, in case of an natural disaster/emergency and I can't get home for 3 days, I always had 2 of the big Lixit bottles of water. Since, Quigley, I have 3 bottles. (I only have 2 bunnies at a time.)

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