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Information from Bunnyhugga readers on runny eyes in their own rabbits, the symptoms, causes and treatment...


Bailey Bunny age 9

Medical condition:

Has had problems with recurrent drainage from his eyes.  I always thought it was from infection.  It turns out it is an allergy (probably to hay dust).


He had his tear ducts flushed twice with good success.  Flurbiprofen... eye drops help.  We reduced the amount of hay around him and no longer leave the big bag of hay near him.  We washed his rug to reduce allergens and currently he is receiving antibiotics since with all of the eye irritation from allergies, they did get infected.  He gets flaxseed oil with hay since it has some anti-inflammatory properties. Matacam can help when the eyes are really irritated.  Also, at times he gets a little dose of Benadryl for the allergies.  There are certain doses of all of these for bunnies and I would check with your vet.

Personal experience:

I cannot believe how much our new vet has helped with solving Bailey's eye problems.  Bunnies' eyes are very sensitive.  That is why cosmetics companies often use them for testing cosmetics.  I think cosmetics companies should not use bunnies, but rather use people who would want to use the product for their testing.

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