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Why do you love your rabbits? Here are some of the many reasons why we love ours...

  • The brisk, efficient ‘rub-a-dub-dub’ way they bathe themselves 20 times a day
  • Their ability to send a strong message with just a simple ear swivel
  • Their innate sense of good manners… and the frosty withdrawal when you’ve been impolite
  • Their sly sense of humour and mischief… an artfully placed dropping in a high traffic bare feet area, for example
  • Their unabashed delight in eating as much as they possibly can, as often as they possibly can
  • The inaudible giggles as you survey some damaged item, shake your head and put some protection in place…and then the swift, nonchalant reappraisal and shoulder shrug as they hop away
  • Their Victorian approach to courtship… propriety demands that it be long, slow and heavily chaperoned
  • Their skill in making an unbelievably loud noise with just a food bowl and a flat surface
  • Their belligerent ‘don’t make a fuss, I’m fine’ attitude towards sickness or injury
  • Binkies and bunny flops – quite possibly the two cutest things known to mankind
  • The way they weld themselves to your feet at the slightest rustle of a bag or the opening of a tin
  • Their utter disgust at being handled, brushed, groomed, clipped or otherwise interfered with and humiliated
  • The way they let you believe you’ve got them sussed, then casually produce a new trick or character trait just to keep you on your toes
  • Their genuine bafflement at being asked not to do something they enjoy doing… and their stubbornness in continuing to do it
  • The pitying, slightly disdainful way they look at you sometimes… as if they are assessing your quality of life and concluding that it sucks
  • Their love of routine and the incredibly accurate clocks they carry inside their heads
  • Evening sociability - lounging, grooming, snacking... and their smug, secure belief that we are watching them instead of the TV
  • Their thinly veiled annoyance at being filmed, photographed or otherwise taken advantage of for the purposes of human amusement
  • The headlong, manic rush to meet you as you walk through the front door
  • Their snooty refusal to perform tricks on demand or even socialise with unappreciative visitors, leaving them scratching their heads and wondering why you love your rabbits so…

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