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Are you slightly scared by your obsession with rabbits? Wondering how you got to this stage? Take comfort, you are not alone...

Are you slightly scared by your obsession with rabbits?  Wondering how you got to this stage?  Take comfort, you are not alone...if any of these sound familiar then you are in good company...

  • You feel anxious if you have to leave them for more than a day and the thought of a week away sends you into a cold sweat
  • You feel a bit panicky when you realise you are dangerously low on bunny veggies and have no time to go shopping
  • You have literally hundreds of photos of them even though they're doing pretty much the same thing in each of them
  • You laugh, not cry, when they rip up your books, 'modify' your slippers or nibble a tiny but very noticeable hole in your brand new jeans
  • You talk to them... constantly... even when they're not in the same room as you
  • You actually enjoy waking up at 5am with a bunny butt in your face
  • You find yourself watching them instead of the TV and spend more time on the floor than on the sofa
  • You spend hours online looking at other cute bunny photos but are never in any doubt that yours are the cutest
  • Whenever you're feeling depressed, you turn to your furry therapists for comfort and it really does help
  • You start to wonder what hay tastes like...

So no, you are not crazy and no, you don't need to see a doctor.  The bunnies have ways of making us love them (not to mention some pretty sophisticated mind-control techniques) and resistance is futile.  Good luck to us all...

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