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12 reasons why house rabbits are such great pets...

  • You'll have a friendly little "helper" for every task you do, from sorting the laundry to DIY
  • Every day will start with bunny kisses and binkies... even on the coldest, most miserable morning
  • You'll have an in-house, environmentally friendly shredding and recycling service for all your old newspapers and cardboard
  • You will be greeted ecstatically whenever you walk through your front door... and not allowed any further until a treat is produced
  • You'll always have a furry shoulder to cry on and a sympathetic ear to listen to your troubles
  • You'll eat more healthily... some of those veggies in the fridge are bound to make their way on to your plate
  • Your stress levels will fall thanks to the magical properties of rabbit stroking
  • They'll teach you the pleasure (or rather, the necessity) of an afternoon nap
  • Your house will always smell of fresh, sweet hay
  • You'll learn not to attach so much importance to material possessions and cultivate a more "zen" attitude to life
  • They'll inspire you to think outside the box and be smarter than a rabbit (harder than it sounds)
  • And finally, if things start getting you down they'll remind you of the 3 most important things in life... Food, Love and Chillaxing

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