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Is your rabbit bossy, adventurous, always in trouble? A Queen Bee or a Snuggle Puss? an Adventurer or an Energiser? or a mixture of everything! Find out here...

Rabbits are likely to be a mixture of several personalities and of course, every one of them has their own unique quirks...

The Queen Bee

This lady is queen of the house and knows it.  Nothing happens without her approval and woe betide any who dare stand against her.  She doesn't know the meaning of the word "no" and bossiness comes as naturally as breathing.  She routinely patrols her territory to check all is well and ensures mealtimes and bedtimes are strictly adhered to.  This is her job and she does it well.

The Happy-Go-Lucky Buck

Nothing fazes this boy.  The house could fall down around him and as long as he had you, his food and his litter tray, he'd be happy.  Always ready for a cuddle and a chat, this lad breezes through life and enjoys every minute.  Confident and happy; food, love and snoozing are his main priorities.

The Adventurer

Somehow this cheeky girl or boy always seems to be in trouble.  Whether scaling the bookcase or digging a hole to Australia, The Adventurer just has to see more of life and won't let anything stand in his/her way.  Never afraid of a challenge, even the most thorough rabbit proofing might not stop this rabbit getting what it wants.

The Energiser

This rabbit has so much energy it's practically crackling.  Usually a Netherland Dwarf or other small breed, The Energiser loves nothing more than to race around at high speed, burning off at least a fraction of its energy.  Highly entertaining, if not slightly exhausting, to live with.

The Snuggle Puss

This girl, or sometimes boy, is all about the love.  Her idea of heaven is a good long cuddle and loving words whispered into her ear.  The only nip you're likely to get from this rabbit is if you stop stroking her.  The Snuggle Puss craves closeness so be prepared to share your sofa, and probably your bed, with this lovely lady.

The Gentleman

Dignified and calm, The Gentleman is a shining example of good rabbit behaviour.  He follows the correct diet, stays in shape and bestows love where it is most needed.  The words "bite" and "nip" are not in his vocabulary.  Always ready to lend a listening ear, this rabbit is a friend in need and leaves you grateful you had the chance to know him.

The Teenager

Moody and withdrawn, this rabbit spends lots of time in its den, brooding about life.  Be prepared for mood swings and stroppiness, but also be aware this is a very temporary phase and another personality is waiting underneath.

The Old Age Pensioner

The OAP has seen it all.  Completely secure and content in their home, OAPs main concerns are with getting in and out of their litter tray without embarrassment, making the jump onto the sofa (or not) and getting their meals on time.  Totally in tune with their owners, they live their days in untroubled bliss.

The Loved Up Couple

"Double trouble" indeed, this pair eat together, play together, sleep together, groom each other.. and get into mischief together.  They are secure enough in their love to have a bit of "time-out" and do their own thing when they want to.  Not much compares to the sight of a truly loved up couple; this really is the holy grail for rabbits.

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